Arbors & Pergolas

Large Rose Arbor

This larger Rose Arbor is 4'x6½' and approximately 6½' high. It comes completely pre-assembled with two facing seats. If purchased with the floor option, we recommend putting black plastic underneath it to prevent grass from growing between the floorboards.

2'x4' Rose Arbor

This 2'x4' Rose Arbor is designed to be planted in the ground. It makes a beautiful entrance into a garden or gateway for a yard. It is approximately 6½' high, depending on how deep you dig the holes for the legs.

Large Rose Arbor Swing Frame

Our 4’x7’ Large Rose Arbor Swing Frame is of the same construction as our Large Rose Arbor. It comes with heavy duty swing brackets ready to hang your swing.

Roman Arch Arbors

The perfect addition to any lawn or garden! These classic arbors stand approximately 7' tall.