Specialty Furniture

Double Canopy Glider

This unique piece is made of premium-grade, treated lumber, kiln-dried before and after treatment. Plenty of room to seat four people as you glide on wheels in a smooth, relaxing motion. Canopies are available in a variety of different colors. Available with Rollback style seats only.Price: $2,495

Canopy Swings

A best seller! Enjoy a quiet summer evening on this beautiful lawn swing that seats four people comfortably. They come with a standard lattice roof or a deluxe Cedar roof. Available in all of our seat styles. Dimensions: 6¾’ high, 5¾’ wide, 8½’ long.

Rose Arbor Glider

This special 6’x7’ swing is one of our most popular backyard additions, combining an arbor, pavilion and swing into one unique structure.


A practical addition to beautify any landscape. Each bridge has spindle railings and is 4' wide.