Playset Towers

King's Tower

Dimensions: 5' x 8' • Floor Levels: 5' or 7'

Your youngsters will quickly imagine themselves heirs to a kingly inheritance once they step into this spacious tower. From its regal height they can gaze out over their vast backyard domain commanding everything in sight to jump at their command. (Never mind if it is only Sir Rover and Miss Cheshire that do the jumping!)

The 5' tower has four standard openings on the upper level, and the 7' tower has three. Both towers offer one possible Climb opening. On the ground level of this abode, your "king" or "queen" can choose a majestic dining hall or a royal hideout. Add some fitting exercise equipment such as the daring Trapeze Bar and you will truly have a playset fit for his or her "highness." (Available with a 5' or 7' floor level. Two Flags come standard.)

Deluxe Watch Tower

Tower Dimensions: 5' x 8' - Floor Levels: 4' and 5'

Now here is a tower for the whole family to enjoy. Let the children play on this handsome wood playset while you grill some burgers for dinner. Then gather around the optional built-in picnic table and enjoy a picnic in your own backyard. Use your imagination as you fill the four standard openings with creative items from our list of options. (Two Flags are included with this tower.)



Deluxe Sky Tower

Tower Dimensions: 5' x8'  - Floor Levels: 5' and 7'

For those of you who don't like to chase the cats out of your sandbox, here is your answer. This tower has an optional full bottom floor instead of a sandbox. Its upper level offers one standard opening and a possible 7' Climb opening. The lower level features three standard openings. Spread a blanket on the floor under the 5' floor level and let Dick and Jane play checkers while you arrange lunch on the picnic table under the 7' floor level. After lunch, let the youngsters release some energies on a Rock Climb or Monkey Bar Climber (good options for this set) while you write Aunt Mabel a letter. Think big! Possibilities abound for this versatile set. (Two Flags are standard for this tower.)


Summit Tower

Tower Dimensions: 7' x 13' - Floor Level: 5'

The avid climbers in your family will love this rugged outdoor playset. Built for extreme durability, this set is constructed entirely of 2x4's and 2x6's. It truly lives up to its name with a standard Pipe Climb, Pipe Climb Ladder, Rock Climb Wall, Deluxe Rope Ladder.This tower also comes standard with one additional opening. This opening is perfect for a slide. (Two Flags come with this set.)





Watch Tower

Tower Dimensions: 4' x 5' - Floor Levels: 5'

This 4' x 5' tower has been our best seller for many years. It comes equipped for fun. Available with a 4' or 5' floor level, it has two openings designed to accommodate any of these delightful options: Gang Plank, 6' Bridge, Tunnel, 10' Slide. (Two Flags come standard with every Watch Tower.) Add a swing attachment of your choice and/or a Rock Climb, Pipe Climb, or Cargo Net and you are set to create countless lasting memories.