Playset Accessories

Wooden Accessories

Rock Climb

Rock Climbs feature molded rocks without sharp edges and come in 4', 5', or 7' lengths to attach to any of our towers.

Cargo Net

The Cargo Net comes in 4' and 5' lengths to attach to any of our Towers.

Pipe Climb

For the youngsters who like to climb! Available in 4', 5', and 7'.


The Gangplank comes in 10' or 12' lengths for attaching to standard openings on 4' or 5' platforms

Notice our superior side rail construction. We feature two ropes (instead of one) threaded through closely spaced upright supports.

Monkey Bar Climber

This is a section of climbing that you and your children will enjoy for many years. Comes with smooth powder coated rungs.

Hanging Bridges

Your youngsters will love swinging from tower to tower using this connecting bridge. This bridge is simply an extended version of the 6' Hanging Bridge. (Not available with ropes or ladder.)

Our 6' Hanging Bridge features a walkway of 2x4 boards threaded onto stainless steel cable. It comes with a ladder for 4' or 5' floor levels. Without a ladder, it may be used to connect two towers.


Wave Slides

Wave Slides are available in 8' and 10' lengths in Yellow, Green, or Blue.

The Scoop Wave Slide comes in 10' or 14' lengths. The 10' length fits the 5' floor level and the 14' length the 7' level. Yellow, Green, Red, or Blue.

Turbo Tube Slide

The Turbo Tube Slide has the added fun of being a tunnel! It features a lifetime warranty against breaking or cracking under normal use and attaches to any of our towers with a 7' floor levels. Available in Yellow, Green, or Blue.

Tunnel Twister Slide

The Tunnel Twister Slide has the added fun of being a tunnel! It features a lifetime warranty against breaking or cracking under normal use. It attaches to any of our 5' floor levels. Available only in Green.


Fireman's Pole

Add some zip to your playset with a Fireman's Pole. This powder coated pole has smooth rounded edges for lots of fun.

Climbing Pole

Similar to the Fireman's Pole, this powder coated Climbing Pole adds a daring entrance or exit route to your playset tower.

Knotted Rope

A Knotted Rope may be attached to Jungle Gym Swing Attachments.

Sandbox Covers

These durable Sandbox Covers are an excellent way to keep cats and debris out of your sandbox. Constructed from a top quality canvas mesh, they allow water to drain through them rather than collect on top of them. Instead of hard-to-use snaps or Velcro™ (that gets full of sand) these covers have weighted edges to keep them in place, making it an easy job to install or remove them. Available in Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue.

Rope Ladder

A Rope Ladder can be installed on any of our towers featuring an End Ladder or Jungle Gym Swing Attachment.

5' Tunnel

The 5' Tunnel is an adventuresome way to connect two towers! It is also available with a 4' or 5' ladder and platform as shown above to use as an entrance with 4' or 5' floor levels. Available in Yellow or Green.