Play Mor Playsets

When we designed these outdoor swing sets, we recognized that many people enjoy variety. So instead of trying to sell one "cookie cutter" swing set to everyone, we came up with a design that allows you to easily create your own playset—exactly the way you want it—from the ground to the sky!

Create A Custom Playset

Our wooden swing sets for children are highly flexible and can easily be customized. This makes it easy to create an outdoor playset that is perfect for your family.

Our modular design allows you to start with a tower or play shape and add on to suit your individual needs. It's also easy to expand your playset as your children grow. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Hardy Lawn Furniture Is An Authorized Play Mor Dealer

Play Mor Swing Sets are a high quality brand of option-friendly outdoor playsets designed and built in the bustling Amish community of Holmes County, Ohio.

These durable outdoor playsets for children are carefully designed by skilled craftsmen to last for years and help you turn everyday opportunities into precious fun-filled memories with your children.

Benefits of a Play Mor Playset

Give You More for Your Hard-Earned Money

Our outdoor playsets give you more value for your money than playsets from our leading swingset competitors. Enjoy a bigger playset with more options for the same money!

Stand Out From the Crowd

Our highly skilled team of craftsmen has created a unique line of children's wooden swingsets that are known for their creative design, superior quality, and lots of options. Choose a Play Mor Swing Set and prepare yourself for a new experience in outdoor play.

Create Wholesome Family Fun and Interaction

We want to help your family spend more time together at home. For 20 years, Play Mor Swing Sets has existed to help parents such as you build relationships with their children in a wholesome family setting.