Preparing Your Gazebo Site

All of our Gazebos come with treated 4x4 runners and are sturdy enough that they can be placed on your lawn without the need for a special foundation.


The site is required to be level within 1-2 inches for the installation of the gazebo. If the site is not level, you should level the site by digging out the area or laying a 3-4 inch layer of leveling rock.

We can provide the service (leveling and placing rock) with advance notice at the rate of $45 per man hour.


In very sunny areas, we recommend that you put down black plastic or weed barrier cloth to prevent grass from trying to grow up between the floor boards.

Other Foundations

Another option is to place your gazebo on a concrete slab or footing. This is preferable for larger gazebos and those that require on-site assembly.

If you are install a concrete slab, footings or sub-frame, ask one of our sales representatives for a footprint drawing of the respective gazebo you are interested in.

Occasionally we place a gazebo on an existing deck structure or even on a dock constructed of heavy 6x6 beams over water.